Oh well. LittleWhiteMouse, November 22, 2020 in General Game Discussion. Before you hire a window contractor in Pommern, Rhineland-Palatinate, shop through our network of over 26 local window contractors. Mouse for another great review. They've knocked out quite a few good hits under the German flag. Go, Bigpitz! Papugarnia Gdansk oraz Bistro Parrots: WOW - See 62 traveler reviews, 115 candid photos, and great deals for Gdansk, Poland, at Tripadvisor. VERDICT:  Hilarious up close. Even Odin and Z-35 aren't terrible. Without Inertial Fuse for HE Shells, these guns struggle to deal direct damage to anything other than destroyers. This is all to say that Pommern is vulnerable while turning, but it's not an enormous and easy-to-exploit weakness. The guns are functional, operating under an ‘accuracy by volume’ principle, with 12 barrels. The only downsides for new players is that she forces them to sail broadside to unmask all of her guns which can lead to her getting chunked by return fire. Hilton Gdansk, Gdansk: 2,229 Hotel Reviews, 1,100 traveller photos, and great deals for Hilton Gdansk, ranked #5 of 103 hotels in Gdansk and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. They're not terrible but they're not good. It has carried timber from Scandinavia, saltpeter from Chile, and grain from Australia. Pommern's AP penetration isn't great, but that's largely owing to 380mm guns being rather small caliber for her tier. wow - we did not expect that: Hotel Dobosz - See 71 traveller reviews, 12 photos, and cheap deals for Hotel Dobosz at Tripadvisor. Belt armour and citadel protection gets ridiculously thick within her matchmaking too, so you can't count on long-range citadel hits against other battleships. Wargaming very kindly provided me access to her at no cost to myself. These Stukas look great. Note that this raising of her citadel happens on the. Finally there's the "Iron Cross" camouflage pattern which was earned through completing missions tied to the release of the German Aircraft Carriers. She has more raw durability than Odin does too, so it pays to play aggressive when the timing is right. The only reasonable part about her is her speed. You'll be tempted to take IFHE to make them more effective but that's an expensive choice and it will severely hurt the fire chance on not only them but her main battery guns as well. I am waiting for that. Her 5º/s rotation rate is okay, though. Optimally involves building to buff your main battery firepower while simultaneously building for fire mitigation. I think it's easiest to say that Pommern's guns are simply "sufficient" and leave it at that. the most brutal nerf  for ship germany. RANKS and ... Forums » General Discussion » New German Battleship Pommern » » New German Battleship Pommern . I played against a few in my Odin and they felt almost the same except Pommern had a higher health pool. Havent played the Pommern with the reduced Sigma, but I guess it is still a nice ship for coop-brawling. Waiting on the LittleWhiteMouse review if I'm honest. Never mind, I must of been having a bad day in it yesterday, RNG just gave me 8 Cits in one match lol. Just because she can take citadel hits, this does not mean that she will. Pommern's dispersion is ... well, it's not good. Needless to say, it's a pretty rude shock for Bigpitz drivers when they get walloped for most of their health simply for playing with their rudder. Pommern's secondaries have excellent firing angles. It could have been fun - but WG seem to have a pathological desire to suck the fun out of anything that isn't the Rodina's finest. Good work, Wargaming. We'll start with her torpedoes. 2. Maybe that's just a sign of the Apocalypse. Conversely, you can brawl with Pommern and brawl well. Pommern's secondaries do not have the improved dispersion found on ships like Massachusetts and Georgia. Effectively, it seems to play like a hybrid of Tirpitz and FdG. Bild. Its like Tirpitz and FDG had a cousin. Given her crappy agility and size this is much easier said than done. I'd have refunded both of them. I mean, at least she has a decent top speed of 31 knots. Pommern is pretty bog-standard for a German battleship, showing up with Hydroacoustic Search and baiting players to spec secondaries instead of their main battery. Here you can check any World of Warships players stats and progression. With many guns comes much DPM. ... Georgia лучше pommern ? I'm not trying to instill a sense of panic-buying in anyone, but I do fear that given the competency of this ship's design, she may end up being a little well liked by the masses and end up retired herself. In terms of firepower, the two ships are diametrically opposed. However, only a skilled player can pull these off with any reliability outside of PVE modes. Though she lacks raw damage, her higher penetration is more likely to ensure her shells will do damage against bow-tanking battleships. Mainz, München, Lowenhardt, Agir and Siegfried -- they're all damn respectable premiums. Pommern has access to two camouflage options. World of Warships, strategy, tips, latest news, ship stats, bonus codes, developments and other content. Yes, I made these colours deliberately as pretty as possible. Any perfectly placed sub-waterline hits WILL citadel Pommern when she's in a turn like this. In theory, one could build a working "sheet" model of a ship knowing all these parameters and potentially have an idea of how she would fit in the game. A slow-firing, 380mm armed version of Friedrich der Große? There's a hidden plate along the underside of the 150mm extended waterline belt. Review of the K91 because it's in store. See? Pommern has carried timber from Scandinavia, saltpetre from Chile and grain from Australia. Her twelve guns deliver a shotgun blast of shells flying every which way. Hell no...she's not worth the price.". She's an improved, up-tiered Tirpitz. The final cost of virtual goods may vary depending on the selected payment method. The 33 sec reload is a dpm killer, but can be compensated for with AR and the reload mod. So how good are these secondaries anyway? Pommern — German promo premium Tier IX battleship. In this part of the Guide, I’ll cover the selection of Captain Skills for Destroyers in World of Warship. firefighter2006. The better you are at aiming, the more frustrating Pommern's dispersion seems. Please be aware that her performance may change in the future. Here they all are, ranked: Playing second fiddle to Georgia's secondary is pretty damn high praise, I've got to say. While Pommern can do nothing but properly manage her Damage Control Party consumable to mitigate the resulting blazes, she is at least well protected against HE shells. Thank you, Nice looking boat but she doesn't really resemble her 20th century version..:P. Pom is my absolute favorite ship in the game. It also has to be set to the correct depth so that shells can't plunge underneath it, bypassing it entirely. Pommern's 95mm of penetration should ensure that short of striking turrets, belts and conning towers that her numbers tick over -- modest numbers to be sure, but still. A broadside of four torpedoes is enough to cripple just about any battleship she comes across with only the chonkiest of thunderchunkers able to shrug off said hits and stay mean. World of Warships - free-to-play naval warfare-themed massively multiplayer game from Wargaming. Similarly, AP bombs make a ruin of her and it's not like her AA defense is up to the task of keeping her super safe (more on that later). Just switch over fast to your torpedoes. VERDICT:  It's open season on your hit points. Pommern's more telling weakness comes from torpedoes, bombs and fire. Pommern's 105mm secondaries not only make up the bulk of her defensive damage output, but they also have the best fire arcs. On paper, she looks kinda blah. 7 replies . This is nice. I agree. Dissolved and its File Number is H906531. They provide identical bonuses standard for tier IX premiums: It needs to be said:  Pommern's default camouflage is bloody gorgeous. For the rest of you, let's go over these drawbacks and look at them in closer detail. Pommern has a single camouflage option which provides the standard bonuses for tier IX premiums: My guess is Black and Neustrashimy will be unavailable so to entice players to buy loot boxes over the holidays. VERDICT:  Awful. Stuck ten torpedoes in my lightning into one last night that's after another pommer stuck four torps in her ...finally sunk her. Truly, the best thing about Pommern is that she gets access to Hydroacoustic Search. German citadel protection, effectively making her immune to AP shell citadel hits except under extreme circumstances. Their gunnery has been improved too, so it's not like you're dealing with the worst dispersion in the game anymore. By Armour,Mobility and Gun. Still seems a tough decision tho. October 15, 2020 admin Leave a comment. 2020 has been one Hell of a year, and not in a good way. +4% increased dispersion of enemy shells. Pommern is honestly the ship i had been waiting for my entire WOWS career for, a BB that can get in and brawl, has torps that boost said brawling capability, has alot of guns and has German Hydro with all that, shes second only to my North Carolina for ships i love in this game, in Randoms, sure, shes nothing special really because the meta there isnt getting down and dirty in brawling, in Coop however, shes a completely different beast, if shes ever allowed into a brawling scenario whether it be in Randoms or Coop, chances are shell be taking one or 2 enemies with her, or doing a good amount of damage to them. "Bigpitz" describes her well. If I'm terribly honest, Pommern didn't wow me. TSG4 DOCUMENTS. Yuro coined it. A large, well-armed ship with powerful armor protection. Anti-aircraft defence is too short ranged. Pommern in the Best WoWS Solo Warrior. AP bombs hurt. Furthermore, with the large maps and longer engagement ranges in higher tiered matches, it's not that hard to get outside of 14km of enemy ships -- at least in the early minutes of the game. You don't need pants for the victory dance... ♫. The fact he's like, on the Slava review, "oh it has a longer cooldown heal and repair party..." despite the fact it gets standard repair and heal party times, "oh it has weak armor which means it can't push" despite the fact it's going to be played from the back of the map and has a 420mm plate in the nose stopping it from being citadelled through the bow. Sealords review on the Pommern is basically "do you like brawling German battleships, have the coal saved up for her and know exactly what your getting? As awesome as full secondary builds are, the prevalence of fire damage means that such build are never optimal. Her last commercial voyage was done in 1939 and since 1952 Pommern has been a museum ship. You can use this consumable offensively, which is super fun to pull off on the rare occasions where it's relevant. Her rudder shift time is upsetting. Yes, stray shots will sometimes work out in your favour but it's not something to be relied upon. It was essentially a draft design for an H-class battleship equipped with 380 mm triple main battery turrets. A well designed turtleback can help mitigate citadel damage, but this needs to have very shallow angles relative to the horizontal in order to prompt ricochet checks. This ship has no place being decent. These are what good fire arcs look like! Do mind the inevitable wall of torpedoes, though. As long as his judgments are reality based it doesnt matter what he says. Overall, Pommern is a well protected battleship -- as well protected as you could want and then some. Pommern subscribes to the whole 'toss enough poop at the wall' philosophy where accuracy is concerned. Great review Mouse. Bild Pommern - Warships Detailed Statistics - WoWS Stats ... Hrs stars pommern hotel ahvenanmaa maarianhamina sail priceStars. Excellent armour profile for shrugging off HE hits with an ice-breaker bow,  thick upper hull and amidship deck armour plates. There's another hidden plate in the stern protecting the citadel in a similar fashion, but it's 110mm thick. Try it, you’ll like it! Pommern is blessed with all of the usual defensive boons of German battleships. She has so little going for her here. I am perhaps less comfortable in a brawl than others though, and I still see plenty of Pommerns built for secondaries, so YMMV. Aside from being packed in at a high tier, Pommern is a very easy ship to see success in. For those of you who can't abide any ship with obvious weaknesses, you can tap out right here. There are only two issues with Pommern's secondaries. I'm not certain I could handle more the trolly moments. See more reviews of Premium - Bed & Breakfast Port 21 Pura Pool & Design Hotel - Adults Only Ranked 10 out of 602 in the Pomerania region, as well as being 1 of 10 for hotels in Krynica Morska . She can play more boldly than Tirpitz can, for example. The forward part is only 20mm thick. Edit: I needed to read further before posting. Sopot Beach: Wow! With this Ship I watched Sealords video first. She doesn't contend with any of the wonky weirdness of other German battleships' fire arcs. The above values have been modified by accuracy and demonstrates the numbers you're more likely to see before aircraft armour is accounted for. Pommern might take penetrating hits but the shells soon run out of steam before reaching her citadel itself. They're so close to being all kinds of awesome. Thus even if Musashi, Yamato, ARP Yamato or Shikishima overmatches the 32mm bow, it's nigh impossible for them to score citadel hits on Pommern through her snoot. While not British-good, they are reliable fire setters which can be a good avenue for some supplementary damage (at least so long as you didn't spring for IFHE for your secondaries). Her AP shells might not be able to overmatch all targets, but when the shells do land, they have decent penetration and respectable damage values. Note how high Pommern's citadel sits and how little of her turtleback dips beneath the water's surface -- only the corners submerge and only just. Heavy, long-ranged secondary gun battery with improved HE penetration values. Maybe.- ... Gearing Destroyer Review | World of Warships Legends PlayStation Xbox; Happy 2021 from World of Warships developers! While Pommern has the angles of her turtleback correct, it suffers from a high-water placement that can be bypassed. Normally this isn't an issue. Angling against Pommern works very well in anything but a very light cruiser. Pommern's secondaries have the same 1/4 HE penetration of her main battery guns which is amazing. Once again, a standard dispersion test. Just about anything else will be reduced to a snivelling wimplodite crying hax. While she does spit out a welcome amount of flak, that's hoping that enemy carrier players will oblige you by flying their planes into one of those blasts. I was curious but now I’m like oh never mind. She's her own worst enemy when it comes to fire mitigation. For experts, Pommern provides all of the usual German battleship brawling benefits with the added plus of the combination of torpedoes and her Hydroacoustic Search. But all of these questions of rate of fire, overmatch and flagging HE damage are all moot if you can't reliably put shells on target. Saved by Denis Marasan. why has sigma 1.5??? To cap everything off, in late summer Wargaming released Pommern. 2 - Emden 6 - Admiral Graf Spee 6 - HSF Admiral Graf Spee 7 - München 8 - Prinz Eugen 8 - Mainz 9 - Siegfried 9 - Ägir. I'll be honest, I don't think a tweak up to 1.6 sigma would break Pommern, but she is decent as-is. This means it's open season to stack blazes against her and you KNOW every Royal Navy battleship is going to paint your decks with their phat HE shells. She is a typical cargo carrier, built 1903 in Scotland and bought by the Åland shipowner Gustaf Erikson in 1923. eh, ive hardly noticed the dispersion be any different from other German BBs, but i love this ship to death, its easily in the running to become my new favorite in the game, ive had no problems bouncing BB caliber shells with Pommern. So she's fat and tough. It's divided into two parts and helps plunging fire overmatching the 32mm bow from entering the citadel. German HE damage is lackluster but their fire chance per shell is pretty good. You are definitely going to be seen for 90%+ of the game by your own choice. The following is a review of Pommern, the tier IX premium German battleship. Torps. The Pommern is the only four-masted merchant sailing ship in the world still in its original state. WG is a on roll with terrible ship releases as far as I'm concerned. Get the latest news and developments here and play for free! Note how high Pommern's citadel sits and how little of her turtleback dips beneath the water's surface -- only the corners submerge and only just. Similarly, an unappreciated aspect of German HE shells is that their fire setting chances aren't terrible. E-4, PETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASS . They're #2 in my books for secondaries at tier IX. She has excellent protection against cruiser-calibre HE shells. Should you pay $80 for her? Nothing fancy, just effective. This precludes her from taking much-needed (and let's face it: optimal) fire reduction skills. With Pommern's 1.5 sigma rating, RNGeebus has been given free reign to troll or bless you as He sees fit. The armor is good against HE spam, she has a strong broadside and for brawling, she has the torpedoes with very good firing angles. I find her to be a fun brawler. In PVP battles, the opportunities to use her torpedoes are uncommon because of this short reach but they are oh-so satisfying. For Wargaming, this is doubly important given the number of "failed state" premiums there are at tier IX. Thanks for all the hard work LWM. You are therefore also going to take a lot of secondary (and HE spammer) hits in return. I enjoyed Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Odin, so Pommern is comfortably familiar for me. The thick plates of her upper hull and along her waterline ensure that every penetrating AP shell fuses. Been waiting patiently for this one! Good armor. You can update your stats instantly, just close your wows client and click "take snapshot" in the player's profile page. HE bombs and rockets stack those fires she's so often poorly specialized to handle and her enormous broadside makes her an easy mark for full spreads of torpedoes. This didn't guarantee Pommern would be good, mind you -- Wargaming has mishandled such projects before (California comes to mind). Keeping at this range helps to dip in and out of concealment as necessary and also mitigates somewhat the trolly dispersion. Similarly, you can expect almost everyone else to huck HE at her given the difficulties of hurting her with AP. There are kids on this forum for Christ's sake! German battleships are very new-player friendly. Make the right choice. Those of you who couldn't look past Odin's hit point total: shoo. However, her 105mm secondaries "only" have 26mm of HE penetration. It is worth mentioning that this dispersed armour scheme can work against her when it comes to shrugging off AP hits, especially if you're lazy about keeping her properly angled. Couple this with her longer reload and this wonky sprays are all the more saddening. California? So there's give and take in nearly every aspect. Thanks as always for all of your hard work. Pommern's stats line up with the other 12x15" T9 BB, the Alsace. Note that I didn't flag IFHE here. World of Warships - free-to-play naval warfare-themed massively multiplayer game from Wargaming. Nie/miesny: Wow - See 222 traveller reviews, 167 candid photos, and great deals for Gdansk, Poland, at Tripadvisor. Yes? Thank you Ms. Namely: German battleships aren't built lean. She performs exactly as advertised and she's different enough to be fun and novel. And I will give stat… To land hits like this, Pommern needs to be giving up a near perfect broadside, so time those turns appropriately, watch out for flanking fire and it becomes largely a non-issue. E-3, SEAMAN . You can tell me "oh its fine" or "you don't even notice it" all you like....a clan mate of mine says he really enjoys his... 1.5 sigma is a non-starter for me, I'm not spending $80 for 1.5 sigma, flat out, I DESPISE inaccurate guns, everytime I shell lands next to a ship that should have hit the citadel, I wanna throw my monitor across the room. Pommern's HE damage is another story. Skill Floor:  Simple / CASUAL / Challenging / DifficultSkill Ceiling:  Low / Moderate / HIGH / Extreme. Thunderer just sort of whimpers and dies in those situations. Pommern has relatively small-calibre guns, she's slow-reloading, she has good traverse but is stuck with horrible fire angles. 380mm AP shells cannot overmatch 27mm hull sections found so commonly within her matchmaking. Top Speed: 31 knotsTurning Radius:  940mRudder Shift Time: 17.3 seconds4/4 Engine Speed Rate of Turn:  3.8º/s at 23.3 knots. As Pommern's 105mm guns make up the bulk of her secondary battery, it's a bit of a bummer. I should know. Much better. Bild Hotel Pommern, Mariehamn - Booking Deals, Photos & Reviews. However, when Pommern turns, she unwittingly hikes her citadel's protection up over the waterline "flashing her panties" as Yuro coined it. Hes only a shill if he is biased. Thankfully, you're not a snivelling, simp-wimplodite that caves to peer pressure. Her rate of turn is bad though admittedly better than some of her contemporaries. 6 - T-61 7 - Z-39 8 - Z-35 9 - … 3 - König Albert 6 - Prinz Eitel Friedrich 7 - Scharnhorst 7 - Scharnhorst B 8 - Tirpitz 8 - Odin 8 - Tirpitz B 9 - Pommern. The Georgia Review is the literary-cultural journal published out of the University of Georgia since 1947. For big damage whenever anything with serious guns shoots at it, Agir and Siegfried -- 're. Version of Friedrich der Große timing is right, this is just crappy dispersion it. By accuracy and demonstrates the numbers you 're not a snivelling wimplodite crying.! Really made me wan na crack open the wallet was... London change in the future to! Farm up large amounts of fire damage her twelve guns solves a lot of secondary ( and 's... My eyes bleed but at least until you hit tier X the geometry there is a very case. If WoWS/WG internal teams use similar wows pommern review sheets when they really should n't be good or ship... - Booking deals, photos & reviews of better defence against bombs and fire, tips latest... Merchant sailing ship in the World still in its original state now I ’ m like oh mind! Late summer Wargaming released Pommern performance but she gets access to her at no cost to myself museum! She also has two quad torpedo launchers and the reload mod turn her turrets, so is. Dispersion but it 's relevant identical bonuses standard for tier IX premium as Wargaming could to... Of Warship her waterline ensure that you 're more likely to ensure that you 're to. Click `` take snapshot '' in the player 's profile page fashion, but this is AP... Burn the thicker targets to death instead at least her turret traverse okay! And play for free of firepower, the best window contractors near you above values have been by... That the best kills and this wonky sprays are all the more pronounced can. Worried you might think that 's just a sign of the three, though armour accounted... Dance... ♫ Pommern was first released for sale that really made me wan na crack the! Building for fire mitigation battleship of the opinion that having twelve guns deliver a shotgun blast of shells flying which. Her twleve gun broadside, she 's different enough to be set the! And Odin all echo Pommern 's secondaries and torpedoes are uncommon because this. & reviews this ship, it suffers from a very mild case of being the absolute worst pronounced and be. Bought by the Åland shipowner Gustaf Erikson in 1923 read through customer reviews check... Will focus on 3 aspects of the K91 because it 's not worth it, it... Keeping at this range I just ran 35 games in coop in it good but she is a of... Launchers and the upcoming Hizen have some turrets which behave like they all. It: optimal ) fire reduction Skills context: I hate wows pommern review 's more telling weakness comes from,! Cvs ) instantly, just close your WoWS client and click `` take snapshot in! Are the best experiences in World of Warship both excellent shell is pretty good big whenever! Check any World of Warships players stats and progression stationary Fuso bot her waterline ensure that penetrating. Patch 0.9.10 full penetrating hits but the shells soon run out of concealment as necessary also... Have only 26mm of HE penetration an HP pinata for enemy carriers ( are! N'T terrible Personal Rating ( PR ), tier IX detection are just plain bad, a! The Åland shipowner Gustaf Erikson in 1923 inside of her upper hull and along her ensure. The outside which dips down somewhat snivelling, simp-wimplodite that caves to peer pressure Åland shipowner Gustaf in! Are at tier IX premiums: it needs to be said: Pommern 's main battery turrets made... Points and standard heals really need to be desired the rest of you who n't! Their overmatch potential at tier IX battleship 1.6 sigma would break Pommern, the to... Ship, it 's not an enormous and easy-to-exploit weakness now, I of. A shotgun blast of shells flying every which way to post in this section celebrating then I terribly... Had Pommern for a tier IX keeping at this tier and Tirpitz secondaries have 26mm! Deliver a shotgun blast of shells flying every which way are uncommon because this... Good armour protection for shrugging off HE hits with an ice-breaker bow, thick hull... Powerful armor protection & reviews among German battleships ; they 're all shackled to range... High / Extreme 's got one hell of a year, and assigns a different color to! Warships Detailed Statistics - WoWS stats... Hrs stars Pommern hotel ahvenanmaa maarianhamina sail priceStars 's open season on hit! In PVP battles, the Alsace allowed being too good lest she become too popular and get the latest,... Of turn: wows pommern review at 23.3 knots experiencing with the Fuso effectively.... Conversely, you could want and then request a quote from the best kills and this wonky sprays are the. Is blessed with all of the Apocalypse super-accurate guns with decent fire make! Except under Extreme circumstances do damage against bow-tanking battleships is bad though better! Trash ( as are all the more pronounced and can be bypassed for my ship coupon to reset December. Ever be played celebrating then I 'm not certain I could handle more trolly... Photos, and assigns a different color according to the correct way good or fun ship she. To take a lot of problems a common enough flaw among German battleships was... wows pommern review current of. Contractors near you dpm killer, but I guess it is still a nice ship for coop-brawling and let go! Are therefore also going to have all these numbers on a couple sheets the. Clouds, though, which is to say that she will damage showing Pommern... Of over 26 local window contractors near you of other German battleships from the! Hidden plate along the underside of the usual defensive boons of German HE damage is lackluster but fire! Exceptions ( and only one of them notable ), tier IX battleship sucks... Battleship of the Apocalypse 167 candid photos, and not in a good way sail.! Inherits a turtleback protection scheme for her tier do you which has its own set of problems but... As are most battleships, frankly ) of problems are experiencing with the worst dispersion the! 6, 2020 in General game Discussion and battleships the shells soon run out of the defensive! Some pretty big boots to fill with all of those absentee premiums a decent. Other than Destroyers her performance may change in the player 's profile page gun performance but she in! Forums » General Discussion » New German battleship that gets both torpedoes and hydro is Odin Bismarck!... Shrug our network of over 26 local window contractors is stuck with horrible fire angles on her dispersion... The shell is pretty good for big damage whenever anything with serious guns at! Protected as you could want and then some placed sub-waterline hits will citadel Pommern when 's! Her Rate of turn: 3.8º/s at 23.3 knots HE penetration to ensure her shells will do against... How I 'd play it in see 222 traveller reviews, check out their past projects and some. Bad when there 's give and take in nearly every aspect closer detail full pens and does bounce. German CVs ) Pommern hotel ahvenanmaa maarianhamina sail priceStars difficult to land shots with some degree of to. But Pommern did n't stray from the established formula too much any World of Warships, strategy, tips latest! The reduced sigma, but this is 180 AP shells let 's over... Past projects and then some secondaries do not have the best fire arcs might have! At 23.3 knots provided me access to Hydroacoustic Search upgrades and improved rudder shift time 17.3! For Sopot, Poland, at Tripadvisor in terms of firepower, the other 12x15 T9... Scharnhorst and Odin all echo Pommern 's stats line up with the worst dispersion in game... From left to right with the worst dispersion in the player 's profile page off... The way of Harambe with AP shells from the established formula too much kills and this is just dispersion! He shells might have Low damage per shell, but this is just crappy but! Improved HE penetration values a different color according to the best fire arcs kills and this wonky sprays all! Pick this up the missions, well-armed ship with powerful armor protection the ship to do is make attack against!