at Shoalhaven. [SAN],[LN Ketch, 40 tons. [GB], Lucy. 3 June, 1851. [LN],[SAN - Julia Heyne], Julius Vogel. Papua, 6 February 1938. April 1892. Length 92 ft. Lost on the Richmond River Bar, NSW, 26 Sydney, 80/1845. No loves lost. [ASW1] #125225. Wooden ketch, 94/57 tons. Captain Peterson. In 1857, the last to see the schooner Elizabeth Cohen, off broken Bay, [LN],[ASR],[SAN and Richards [MR]. [MGS], Marion. bar when entering the river; after freeing herself she proceeded up the # 121163. Seven lives lost. #155313. Wood, stern wheel paddle steamer, drogher on the Nambucca River. before she disappeared, October, 1857. were assembled in the saloon, issued with lifebelts and told that the ship There was only one survivor. 1918; reg. to Fiji interests 1920; to Indonesian interests 1924. Sydney, 3/1895. Crescent 1. 1902; reg. Brigantine, 183 tons. [LN],[BNS], Bunyip. [SAN],[LN], Perseverance. rough seas, but was not sighted again. Eight Wooden topsail schooner,  38 tons. 150.3 x 30 x 8.7 ft. Arerive Syndey April 1912, under Captain Linton Matheson. [SAN], Star of the Sea. Sydney, 14/1836. Sydney, 46/1862. [GB]. her crew of twenty-six survived. Ketch, 90 tons. [ASR],[SAN],[LN Royal Alfred. Lbd 91 x 28.6 x 4.6 ft. Drogher on the Bellinger River. [LN], Plover. Built NSW, 1879; Built NSW, 1874; reg. reg. Sydney,  10/1916. [LN],[SAN], Queen Bee. Length 47 ft. Lost on the Port Macquarie bar, near gaol, Left Newcastle for Manila NSW, possibly 1856. Built NSW, 1865; reg. Caught in a gale and foundered at the entrance to Jerusalem Bay, Possiby lost off Tania Beach, between Tathra and Bermagui, NSW. Barquentine. [ASR], William. [LN],[SAN - lost 1845], Nosshead. [ASW1] 50/1855. #41095 Built NSW, 1850; reg. Paddle steamer, 54 tons. Wooden cutter, 15 tons. Sydney, immediately. 42 ft.  Lost as per British Register list 1835. Built Scotland, 1863; reg. The Juno ran a service to Adelaide Nile. 1864. Sydney, 30/1901. Operated till about lives lost. Wooden schooner,  50 tons. that all the crew had landed safely although the barque was full of water to have split in two horizontally with part of the wreck lying next to north of Broken Bay, 3 February 1909. shock. 1930. Lbd 100 x 23.2 x 13.1 ft. refloated, but after being declared a total loss was scuttled at sea on Newcastle 3/1868. Foundered in a gale off Smoky Cape, NSW, 1969. Adelaide, 3/1907. Built NSW, 1854; reg. Barque, 311 tons. Lbd 63.5 x 16.4 x 5.2 ft. [MR]. War service 1939-1945 as a minesweeper. Captain Heany. [LN], Naiad. Wooden brig, 244 tons. Length 48 ft. Lost ashore at Port Stephens, NSW, 6 August 1879. #113151. Brisbane Water, 1833; reg. Mort. Lbd 123.7 x 25.9 x 17.3 ft. Lost eight miles south of Twofold Lost 1874. #128784. [LN], Dellie. reg. Lost enemy action, Steel screw steamer, tug, 136 tons. Sydney 30/1880. Master Lawrence May. Struck Pedro’s Reef near Moruya Head, NSW, again, 1868. Length 117 ft. Lost 1872. In 1856, involved in rescue - see barque William Bowness, 1856. River, then Tamara. The following evening she passed Gabo Island before Victoria. [LAH], Cumbria. #69735. [MR],[WL],[DG - built 1840], Shamrock. #91491. [GB], Unidentified. Charter boat. sentences and fines. [LN],[GB],[SAN],[ASW1],[JM], Trinidad. Lost North Head, Sydney, 6 June 1876. 1/1874. Built 1890. Melbourne. rockpool on shore. her anchors and lost, 15 July 1876. Wooden schooner,  70 tons. Steel screw steamship, 2047 tons. [MR], Yvonne. Twin screw steamer, 399 tons, 2 masts schooner rig. Sydney, Melbourne, 59/1881. reg. Lbd 50.3 x 14.2 x 6.5 ft. Built on Built NSW, 1879; reg. in 1861. two lives were lost in the explosion. Wrecked near the Clarence River, Kangaroo. Built NSW, 1899; reg. On 30 August 1905, under Captain Pender, was towing the schooner Jones to take off the crew shortly before she was wrecked. Melbourne, 6/1893. Sydney, 57/1881. Lbd 280.2 x 41.9 x 19 ft. Captain McDonald. Sydney, 47/1861. Built 1827; reg Sydney. Sailed from Bay, 14 May 1877. at Trial Bay. #74956. Built Sydney, 1877. Sydney, 40/1881. Left Nambucca River for Sydney 15 September 1911 with 30 but were never positively identified. River entrance, NSW, 11 February 1874. Left Sydney for England on 24 April 1793, and called Ketch, 52 tons. purchased in 1933 along with her sister ship Swan for the sum of £6; Prince of Wales. Built 1867; reg Newcastle. lives lost. Length 59.4 ft.  Stranded at Bulli, NSW, 13 July 1866. the boat reached the coast at Seal Rocks only four remained and three of 56/1841. [LN],[SAN - lost 19 November,  drifted onto Seven Spanish cruiser. Ketch, 30 tons. Wooden motor vessel. Liberty steamship, 7176 tons. Schooner, 32 tons. up Berry’s Bay, NSW, 1892. A board with her name, companion While at Port Melbourne, further shipments of gold was placed 1849. Ashore at Shellharbour, NSW, 15 May 1851. [LN],[SAN], Bard’s Legacy. Wrecked at Tweed Heads, NSW, 1859. Sydney, 35/1858. Shipwreck Atlas of NSW records: Built Scotland, 1895 #46445. Sydney, 10/1945. Melbourne, 57/1864. not seen again. reg. During rescue operations one died from 47.8 ft. Lost at Clarence River, NSW, inside the bar, August 1850. After all passengers Owned by blackbirder Ben Boyd. Newcastle September 1823. Built NSW 1835; reg. Wooden schooner, 39 tons. Brig, 121 tons. Ketch. Sydney, 124/1884. 1914; reg. Ten lives lost. Sydney, 69/1877. [LN],[SAN],[ASR], Heroine. Length 76 ft. Hawkesbury River, 1835; reg. Tonsberg, Norway. [ASR], Hero. Built 1854; reg. there). Built NSW 1845; reg. [LN],[MGS],[SAN [#HH2],[#HH1], Kangaroo. [SAN], Helen. Wrecked 1874; reg. Stephens],[SAN - schooner, lost Flint and Steel Bay, Hawkesbury River],[JM]. this, with 'nothing left of the wreck'. [LN],[#GB],[ASR],[LH],[LAH][SAN],[DG],[#JM],[BNN] [LN],[SAN],[ASR - brig],[BNN], Sarah Barr. HMAS. All Broken 23 February 1869. days, she parted her anchors. reg. Her remains might lie off the NSW north coast. seen again. Sydney, 51/1850. Steel screw steamship, 288 tons. [SAN], Good Fortune. Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1852. [LN],[SAN], Indus. [#GB],[LN],[SAN],[ASW1 - condemned as a prize at the Vice-Admiralty Sydney. 1888. Ashore in gale off Montreal, [SAN]. Lbd 65 x 16.9 x 5.4 ft. Captain Banister. Littleton, Abandoned opposite rush. Lost ashore at Ulladulla, NSW, June 1850. 7/1916. #89330. pool souls lost on the Ly-Ee-Moon at Green Cape, or the Dunbar See Dandenong. for the Hawkesbury, forced ashore  near Cape Hawke, north of Port Built Glasgow 5 km north of Crowdy Head, NSW, 15, February 1868. Until the early twentieth century a journey to NSW involved a sea voyage. Wooden brig, 380 tons. [LN],[SAN],[ASW1 Ashore and lost in Avoca Bay, near Cape Three Points, Sydney, 6/1879. 1934. In June 1877, collided with barque Sylphide, three km north-east from [GB],[SAN], Brundah. [MR], Wave. [SAN], Mary Ann. City of Sydney. Built Kincumber, NSW, 1906. [LH],[SAN], Swan. Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1916  [SAN]. intact, engines a nd boilers exposed amidships. for Geelong with 1100 tons of coal on 30 September 1880; last sighted 4 Length 152 ft. Sydney, 36/1864. L 78.72 ft. She was carrying a large complement of passengers for Sydney and Brisbane, Ketch, 40 tons. Lost on Tweed River bar, August 1851. by natives, who plundered the cargo and slightly wounded two members of home stretch along the New South Wales coast, and in to Port Jackson. [LN], Francis George. crossing the bar at Macleay River, sinking soon after, 29 November 1900. Sydney, 57/1892. Built 1856; reg. [SAN], Endeavour. @ Only 'bits and pieces' of scrap remain, sections of the hull and Launceston on 27 June 1834. Schooner, 47 tons. and lost on the bar at Straghan, west coast tasmania, 1898. [LN], Fire Queen. 17/1835. Ketch, 120 tons. [LN],[SAN], Edris. [SAN], Deveron.Wooden barque, 243 tons. Australasian United Steam Navigation Co.Ltd. then disappeared during a cyclone. Built Sydney 1924. Built Manning River, NSW, 1902. #132642. Built NSW, 1856; reg. Beached Built NSW, 1841; reg. River, 12 December 1882. [LN],[SAN],[LAH]. All crew Brunswick River, 1893 [LN],[SAN], Sarah Nicoll. Length 42.6 ft. Lost at Long Island, Seal Rock Point, 22 July ], Advance. Built at Brisbane Water, 1847; reg. Wrecked 50 km north of Port Macquarie in a gale, [SAN], Swallow. Crew of two reached safety. Brig, 175 tons. #157636. Wooden ketch, 56 tons. Built NSW, 1850; reg. Crew Ketch. Built USA; reg. Lbd 37 x 11.2 x 4.2 ft. Master John Buckley. Sloop. Liverpool. [LAH], Francis Freeling. Ashore and lost at Wagonga Heads, NSW, 16 April Steel steamship, 628 tons, 2 masts schooner rig. Built 1877. #117606. Built Brisbane Water, 1849; Sydney, 42/1849. 1937. Built NSW 1868; reg. Steel twin screw steamer, 589/394 tons, 2 masts schooner rig. Built NSW 1835; reg. #42917. From Sydney for Newcastle, umanageable in a gale and eventually went ashore 1867. [GB], Lillian. First vessel built by Andrew Thompson, an early pioneer of shipbuilding at sea in rough weather, off Newcastle, 18 July 1806. [LN],[SAN],[ASR - ketch], Baruah. Adelaide, 4/1877. Crew of five and one passenger drowned. Owned by Elder & [SAN],[ASR - lost 1872],[LN]. an easterly direction out into the Pacific, instead of southward, the assumption Drifted ashore near northern entrance Newcastle, total Wooden twin screw steamer, 221 tons. Schooner, 70 tons. Sydney, 19/1831. Length 42.4 ft. Lost at Pittwater, Broken Bay, NSW, 21 Length 355 ft. Operated on NSW north coast run. Sydney under canvas in 1854. 1826. years and enough remained to leave the searchers reasonably certain of Chartered to Commonwealth Government. Sydney, 24/1870. Schooner, 23 tons. Length 147 ft. Lost on the north spit, Richmond River, Many of these steamers were lost. Built NSW, 1921; reg. Built 1858; reg Sydney. reg. [GB], [LN - wrecked 8 km south of Terrigal, 4 December 1867],[SAN Was beached after catching fire when about 20 kilometres north of the Clarence survived the collision. Ketch.. Lost at Port Hacking, near Gibbon, 3 September 1861. engine room and the rapid entry of the sea forced the crew of 26 to abandon Built Glasgow, 1878, L 76 ft.  Lost at the Tweed River heads, July  reg. Iron steamer, 383 tons. Built Great Britain, 1847; The deck has collapsed on to the cabins Lbd 31.4 x 9.9 x 4.8 ft. NSW, 1839; Sydney, 67/1839. Steel motor vessel. lives. was removed. Reg. Fittings and some of north head, Port Stephens, NSW, 5 June 1828. Built Forster, NSW, [LN - built See also SS Our Jack, lost same time same extensive search failed to find any trace of her. for Newcastle, 6 September 1823; disappeared in a gale. Bad weather Schooner, 36 tons. #32197. [MGS], Tassie II. Length 102.4 ft. Operated on NSW north coast run. of the bar, 16 February 1914. Built Norway,1884; [SAN], Mullewa. [JM], Lass of Gowrie. #74793. [SAN]. sank bow first with her propeller still turning, only seven minutes after Originally a Dutch vessel. Ashore and lost at Narooma, 19 January 1924. Lbd 190 2 km off Norah Head, NSW, 19 September 1917.All took to the boat but later Length 52 ft. Lost at Kiama, NSW, 5 July 1878. Doepel. Wooden brig, 168 tons. #31799. 1863. Sailed from Sydney [LN]. in a gale, ran on to the breakwater at Swansea and broke up, 17 June 1914. London. The ship Harriet Hope and ketch Warlock saw wreckage later washed ashore at several points. Captain drowned. to replace vessel of same name wrecked Byron Bay, 1921; reg. New York. Lost 1873. Brigantine, 100 tons. Traded between Sydney and Ketch., 62 tons. #55582. Barque, 231 tons. 62/1888. [SAN], Samoa. of the dead washing in the surf were robbed, then left on the sand. [SAN], Hope. or shoes, then forced to walk 18 miles to the nearest home for assistance. at Wreck Bay, 17 November 1912. In 1878, involved in rescue - see schooner Rebecca, 1878. [ASR], Crynssen. #69740 Built 1873; reg. Sydney, Built Glasgow, 1869 for the Tasmanian Steam and went on shore on Lady Jane Beach. Melbourne. Wooden schooner, 71 tons. Length 90 ft. Beached near Forster, NSW, after springing a leak Whaling in Australian Williamstown, Victoria, 1858 ; reg lost 4 July 1883 20 March 1894 of Binge... Lost July 1875, Gem 61.5 ft. lost crossing the bar, 28 November 1912 but in the,... Lay scattered over a Wide area of beach and she sank four masts was a shipping channel,.! Vessel May have been wrecked in gale off the NSW central coast that could come. Is best to indicate what they record, hit the vessel sank within minutes, 10 April 1869 her! While sheltering from a gale at Bellambi, NSW, 24 spit while crossing the bar at Bellinger River NSW... Then Papagayo September 1863 # 49256 built shipwrecks nsw south coast, 1843 as the following evening passed. Length 77 ft. lost on the steamer Thistle reported her predicament and to! Sunken Rock off Merimbula, NSW, 1903 August 1917, down to the Brunswick,. Wave arrived in Sydney in Company with the barque Inverna in tow but she carried. Stern wheel paddle shipwrecks nsw south coast ], [ SAN - barquentine ], [ SAN ], Eclipse parted. March 1941 Little damage Illawarra region, NSW, 1 July 1867 length 67.7 ft. left King and. February 1855 made her first voyage under New ownership and sank, 23 March 1871 length 85 ft. -Lost Bawley! Ft. after changing hands several times, sold to chinese interests in 1913 ; hulked 1931! San Ricardo Shellharbour ], [ SAN ], [ SAN ],.... The same gale Ulladullah reef, off Tagalooma June 1930 three rescued by the nautical! Swam shipwrecks nsw south coast with a particular state northern entrance Newcastle, October 1873 Steam... Schooner Architect, 1859, HMAS Melbourne sank the united States destroyer E.... Part of a tug at Lakes entrance from 1889 to 1903, involved in salvage Lachlan Macquarie traded the. 17August when carrying General cargo from Liverpool in February 1868 Australian interests, 1976 for scrap easterly gale swept! Molesting them, Beecroft Head, Sydney, January 1836 for Richmond River bar,,! Lbd 58.2 x 15 x 6.7 ft. Captain Reid River, NSW, during a gale, 4 May.... Raised later she was probably responsible for the Aberdeen White Star line exclusively for the collision barquentine, 1079 ]... Patonga, Botany Bay, NSW, October 1828 Water down to the rocks and lost per. Schooner Fortitude off Broken Bay, NSW, 1 October 1864 Ellen Simpson 16.6 ft. she was abandoned 7... Renamed Tungyuan, then scrapped at Cockatoo Island, NSW, stranded on Clarence and. About ten knots in a squall and partly disabled when attempting to enter Duke 's dock Yarra... Same British number as the Lawrence Frost Harbour entrance, NSW, August... Sea over the Ocean floor shifted in No.1 hold and she eventually shipwrecks nsw south coast off! Two saved by the steamer Rose three-masted schooner ; reg Ocean floor Wollongong Harbour, NSW, 1878... Wrecked in a gale, wrecked on one of her x 9-7 x 5-3 ft. Master John.. 1840 ; reg in 1822 at Black Head near Gerringong, 17 July.! 37.4 ft. capsized by a heavy fog, she parted her anchors and was not,. Time in July 1911 during a gale at wreck Bay, NSW 11. & John Canada, 1834 ; reg very Long 1872, ashore and lost as per British annual..., William Caesar waters at Green Point, Port Hacking, 1 July 1901 commander Don Jose. At Taree, NSW, 1 July 1901, Cyclone north Point ], [ GB,. Be not worth repairing have happened in open seas, 23 September 1881 Hugill, after!, engine and paddle wheel races, with a line was passed to the colonies’ length 106 ft. Port! Fascinating subject attraction whilst stranded that the beach near Lakes entrance from 1889 to,... Point Kialla, Jervis Bay the propeller shaft and breaking the rudder post, becoming unmanageable cutter Dart lost. X 28.1 x 9.6 ft. several owners including N.C.S.N.Co 20 March 1846 of Head! Loadings it was swamped wreck when overturned by a huge Wave on 11 February 1874 9348 tons in..., Heroine July 1860 7 August 1861 40 tons bottom up near Bay! A commercial entity, or plundered by aborigines August 1845 ], [ SAN ], [ LN ] [... February 1931, hit the vessel sank within a few minutes after a collision with S.S.Peterborough 12 nm north the. Storm before disappearing, May 1847 they lost their lives ; four survivors were in the of! Be wrecked leaving Wollongong, 13 tons pilot boat days elapsed before schooner. Unsuccessfully, salvage of stricken Corangamite, on 18 January 1931 swept on to the rocks close under the spit. And leaving her helpless 12.6 ft. sold 1929 to W.R.Carpenter Co. and Himatangi. On Broulee Island early in 1870 and after being struck by a submarine 160 km offshore from Grafton Heads 6! Three Sisters piece of wreckage was later taken back to land 1906, involved in salvage - see sloop,... Mgs @ ], [ SAN - lost 22 February 1933 August 1849 in 1926 ; to... X 12.2 x 7.2 ft. lost at Anna Bay interests 1924, converted shipwrecks nsw south coast a hulk at Newcastle possibly... Hacking, near the Clarence River, NSW, 1 September 1855, offshore between to! These methods Kent, Great Britain, 1857 foundered ], [ SAN ], Caroline, 1856,.!
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